You have come to find out about me. I am the mother of two wonderful sons and share this life with my best friend and husband, Jim.  I have a beautiful and kind daughter-in-law who joined our family in 2013.  You cannot imagine the joy and love the birth of my first grandchild has brought me!  My wish for my children and grandchild is that they find happiness and contentment in whatever they endeavor to undertake in life. It is only through the encouragement of my family and many friends that I have found the courage to step out of my shell and put my work out there.  I don't do it for the income, but work a day job and make time in between for my art, gardening, hiking and being with family.

Life is good if you don't expect too much.  I am satisfied with things as they are and for this I am thankful.  Thank you for visiting.  I hope you find something that inspires you.

What inspires me? I am inspired walking through deep woods.  The musty damp smell of the ancient world; of life in the budding of new trees; of death trampled underneath as I walk upon last year's dead leaves.  The gentle breeze as it brushes the trees and they whisper to one another and seem to laugh as they dance on their stems.  The nature of life can be realized in one afternoon beneath the shade of a great oak who has silently withstood exponential change layered age upon age deep in the wood. Respect life in all its forms and know that you may be this year's bud, but next years footpath, or the food for new growth throughout eternity.