Soul Appealing

There are certain times of the day when certain sounds, certain scents, or sense are "soul appealing." They give me pause to reflect on the things most important to me.

Evening and dusk settle across the backyard. Shadows lengthen and grow,  sounds of the smallest of us on this planet are magnified into a gigantic ensemble, while light accentuates the blackness of approaching night and the almighty shrink within themselves.  Tonight it is the sound of frogs chirping in my backyard, repeating in waves, synchronizing, fading, crescendoing, ever steady and in rhythm to the snores of my husband down the hall.

I like this time.  It is thinking time.  Remembering time. Time to plan. Time to dream. Time to hope, to be thankful, to be rather than seem. Webster defines the word seem as "to appear to exist".  If we listen to the world around us, this is how we end up - we appear to exist and all the while the more we emmerce ourselves in the world, we risk fading into the maddening oblivion of the chaos of this world only to become nonexistent; a mere shadow of our former self - the self God intended us to be. Hearing the sounds of these frogs, I am mindful that I am here with them and the cadance of their sound is like my breathing and reminds me that I do in fact exist with God and God with me. Like their sound and the important balance they bring to our environment, my life too has meaning. There is divine purpose in my existence.  I will know this when I stop listening to the world and find this inner self - the God of my soul whom it is that speaks me into existence. He who says, "I Am, that I Am."

I can not only imagine that God is in me and also in them - I can know without a doubt that He is them, He is me, He is all things.  This is my comfort and I can sleep well reflecting on these kinds of things. 

Likewise, the morning sounds are a marvelous reminder that I am alive.  The birdsong begins at just the right time - they know when it is best to rise.  I've noticed that when the windows are closed, locked down and sealed shut, my reflection time is somewhat hindered.

With the milder weather of spring, we've been leaving the windows open all day and night. No wonder I love this time of year!  When we purchased our home, the former owners had painted the windows shut and wired every one with an alarm. Suffocating.  The first thing I did was make sure those windows could be opened.

Mornings bring the promise of a new day and an exhilerating feeling of possible accompanied by the warm glow of the sun through the window throwing pretty yellow squares on the floor at my feet and touching my face like the warm caress of a dear friend.  Freshly scented crisp air sends a light breeze across the yard, swaying the trees, while sunlight plays beneath their nodding heads among the bending sun and shadows on the lawn. It is like watching the whole world dance.

This is thanksgiving time and I generally begin with the Lord's prayer and then say special prayers for friends, family, co-workers, the world and our leaders, followed by thanksgiving for a good night's rest, then thanksgiving that I arose with all my faculties functioning and finally I end with "and thank you Lord, that through You, I can live and move and have my being."  There is nothing more I need. I am "soul satisfied."