Another page turns

There are periods in life when nothing seems to happen and then there are other times when everything seems to happen at once.  This past month has been one of those "other times".

My husband began another page in his life and has set sail across the retirement waters.  I am envious, but I sense that he is kind of lost right now.  It seems his identity was so wrapped up in his job that he had lost sight of the part of himself that was once ambitious in other areas and interested in life outside of work. There is plenty to do at home, but I'm trying to give him the space he needs to figure things out and refrain from infringing upon his time of decision with my "honey-do" list.  I can't do that...yet.  He's a good man and has worked very hard for many years.  It is his time and he has earned a little respite before deciding where he wants to go next.  I admire and love him and have faith that he will find his way, in his own time and come to enjoy life outside of work again.

Life outside of work has entirely different connotations for me.  I learned that the company for which I worked was eliminating my position due to "reorganization".  Although it wasn't much of a job to lose, it did allow me to pay the bills.  It  was a job much like those inhabited by the majority of the populace that enabled living paycheck to paycheck each week robbing Peter to pay Paul.  It has been a job in a depressed economy none-the-less, and one that I was thankful to have had.  I was not exactly panicked, but rather concerned that I find a job that would pay the bills and allow us to reach our goals for when I am ready to retire in 11 years. Unlike the usual scenario of jobless America, there were a few jobs out there and I put in for several.  Unlike myself in past situations of this kind, I have tired of organizations and/or companies that take on that "big brother" persona during the interview process.  It is more important that "I" like the organization and feel a good fit for "me" rather than stressing over whether they "like" me or not.  It is my only way of "sticking it to the man" in an era when corporate America has failed to support the very people who have put them where they are today.  Somehow they think they have gotten there all by themselves and can judge the rest of the world as worthy, or not, to exist in their "realms of organizational perfection".  In fact, their realms of perfection turn my stomach and I absolutely hate the interview process and that feeling of being an insect under their microscopes.  Living to impress others has never seemed an appealing existence to me. Enough of complaining and...I know, I should not look a gift horse in the mouth, remain positive, upbeat, optimistic and all that jazz, but honestly folks, I think the corporate world is a truly horrible place. Let's face it; it wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the people.  Take people out of the corporate world and I might consider it. Now I chuckle as I am reminded of the time that a woman at a fast food restaurant told her supervisor when asked why she was so behind: "Well!  If it weren't for all these customers, I could get my work done!"  I have to laugh at myself for sounding the same!  So now too, I must find the humor in the world and keeping trudging forward into whatever "next" there is.  I'm not sure what that will be, but I am certainly up for a new adventure!