The middle of the night and the house sleeps.  The easy rhythmic snores of man and dog emit from the bedroom down the hall, but all outside is dark and quiet.  A comforting thing the quiet and the stillness.

I wonder about work and the new people I encounter each day, their ideas, their perspectives, their lives and the interactions that I have had with them.  I think about truth; where it is found, how it is found and if it is found.  I wonder where we all are in our own individual truth seeking journeys.  I hope that we can overcome self, die to self and lift the other up in place of one's self.

Robert Greenleaf states something about truth attainment. "So many able people I have known have nullified their effectiveness by living in a past that will never return, or in a visionary future that may never materialize, and the opportunity to be grasped here and now slips by them." (1977 Servant Leadership, p. 300).  This is true for me...I was there and if I am not careful to be purposefully in the moment, I sometimes waiver on the brink of slipping back into that nullified existence.  Every day brings more to be peaceful about and less to have anxiety about when I am in the moment. This is God's grace and gift to me.

Thomas Carlyle says of true humor, "(it) springs not more from the head than from the heart; it is not contempt, its essence is love, it issues not in laughter, but in still smiles, which lie far deeper. It is a sort of inverse sublimity that draws down into our affections what is above us." This peaceful thought will rest on my brow as I drift into slumber this very night as I strain my soul toward God and he in his mercy bends his thoughts toward me.  Happy is my soul when God's thoughts are toward me and happy in the moment am I when my thoughts are toward God: We are one in this moment.  At last the long sought and ever illusive peace within is found and I hold tight to it; as tight I can.