Life Returns to Lacy

As you can see, I've been off-line for quite some time.  Life at Lacy has experienced changes and that change has included, going through difficult times and situations.  My ex-husband passed away in December 2014.  Now some may view the passing of their ex as a blessing, but I do not.  I was married to him for 10 years and for 20 years following our divorce, I remained close friends with my ex. We co-parented our children through many years of hardship, difficult circumstances and sadness, but rather than ripping us apart, these difficulties brought us close as friends and in the end we both grew an entirely new relationship with one another and with those around us, that was stronger and more powerful than any marriage either of us would ever know. 

I had no idea the impact his death would have on me, but I was and have been devastated by his death. Even though our love changed over the years, I found that the first love never dies and so my heart went to the grave with him.  That may sound strange to some who know me and know that I remarried the most wonderful man and my best friend, 18 years ago.  The love for my ex-husband had changed over the years as the circumstances demonstrate, but it was still there and as strong as ever.  My current husband knows and fully understands what I'm saying as he loved my ex too.  We were a family.  My ex and my current husband were like brothers.  

This all sounds strange to some who feel there should be a clean black line that separates our hearts and lives when divorce happens, but I have found that the heart and soul do not operate within clean-cut boundaries. I could go on and on about this and bore you to tears and I don't want to do that.  I only wanted to explain my long absense from this page, this web site, this art that has been with me so very long.  I have not painted in 4 years since the death of my ex and now, with the help of my friends, I hope to pick the brush and my creative self up off the ground and continue on.  I hope you'll go with me and encourage me as I will you! God bless you today and please feel free to share your encouraging thoughts!